Wednesday, October 20, 2010

stairway to heaven backwards lyrics

Plaaaay backwards,
Hear why its sung here, oppositioner..
Allll on track, all arriving
They all sing, and they are one.
Shall I loathe you now, parishoner?
Oh hear Him, Christian within me.
It stirs my sin; the river,
Oh, she swells with our lousiness.
All my life will end for him?
We're all out of signs,
I know I'm sorta shocked
To hear The Lord,
My God now will save me!
Oh I will n'er be saved,
Because I live with Satan..
One wish today;
That you'll all pray for
Three who will make it here late.
Pray now and you'll see..
The 'Lord' turned me on,
But, oh, I was the shaggy fool..
Clothed in agony,
Lost at a height.
There's no escaping it,
Nor his woes..
So here's to my Sweet Satan.
The other's little path
Would make me sad,
Whose power is faith.
He'll give those with him 666.
And all the evil fools,
they know he made
us suffer sadly.
"Family won't get loose,
They're offered me."
Always soothes the worker.
Always will be as we know now
"I see ruins," said he,
"the world they offered me?
Who wished the Lord's fall?"
If we lose feather,
Say you'll save me!

And no wimps can bend the rules..
And no wimps can do..

Hunt next to the shore,
'Cause they see all from there,
See here's the news,
Who walks with mute grief!
Perhaps no-one found thee...
"Heavy, lift me out,"
Spake the Reve,
"Someday, failed, we'll lose one line-up,
They've gotta leave forsaken."

And no wimps can do..
And no wimps can do...

He, who say the lords
Thoth have our laws,
Maat must be superb. Mass is ended..
Over there,
He who should learn thee.
Any moot that serves by my sworn music,
I wish it with snow be shushed,
All for my mass's sake.
Hear why its sung,
here, oppositioner, Ohh..
He who should show
May make his show worthy,
To look, for us, odd.. sickly,
There's one chance - take his show.
Hold thy head,
Hear why its sung here. oppositioner.
Who owns this earth built below?
Oh sweet Israel...

Friday, October 15, 2010

more youtube video links

here are some links to cool youtube back masking videos <--- all of revolution 9 backwards <---all of stairway to heaven backwards <---all of i am the walrus backwards

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Cool and creepy backmasked songs

There are many things on the internet talking about Back masking with is a song with an audible message when played backwards. Here are just a few supposed back masked song
- Stairway to heaven ( Led Zeppelin )
-Revolution 9 ( the Beatles )
-Echoes ( Pink Floyd )
Before you see what they say you must first understand that audio played backwards is not said how it is spelled backwards. Due to this fact it can sound completely different from what It says forwards. For example the word " Cat " played backwards isn't necessarily " Tac " It could be something like " Eta " The reason that it is because the audio played backwards has to do with the pitch and frequencies the person is talking at, so me saying cat and you saying cat could be completely different. If you don't believe me or any others on youtube, then you could always download a program called Audacity and use it's tools to reverse it. I hope you enjoy

First of all, all of these songs do have back masked messages in them, and in fact there are a whole bunch of beatles songs that have back masked messages. Here are some of them
-Revolution 9
-While my Guitar gently weeps
-I am the walrus
-Strawberry Fields Forever
-Blue Jay Way
-Come Together
- And so many others!
I am extremely fascinated by back masking and has been for a very long time. In this blog i am going to list what song has a message, what is says forward, and what is says backwards. Hope you enjoy, and feel free to post a comment! These in this first category are all by the Beatles.
---Song:Strawberry Fields Forever Forward: Strawberry fields forever backwards: A pair of sleepy red mooose
Song:Strawberry Fields Forever Forward: Tree, I mean it must be high or low Backwards: I hate so many of my peers
Song: Come Together Forward: Come together! right now, over me Backwards: Heave Ho! Right now! Oh, thank the smoke
Song: Help! Forward: I know that i, just need you like Backwards: Now he uses marijuana!
There are a lot more so i will be posting a video! P.S. some of them are kind of scary ( atleast to me ) here is that video, thank you and please post a comment.